The Sailing Vessel Apropos

Blake Island Trip

August 19-20, 2005

Destination:  Blake Island

Crew:  Jim (Captain), Jim (Greenhorn,dad)

Day 1:

Left Lake Union at 10am and motored to the Ballard locks, then out to Puget Sound.  Right out from Shilshole it was very foggy with visibility only about 50 feet so we motored slowly in a fogsoutherly direction.  Deckhand 'Greenhorn'  kept watch from the bowsprit as Captain 'Foghorn' steered the  boat through the pea soup while periodically checking the radar and chartplotter down below at the nav station.  The sealion1sealion2fog finally lifted  as we got near Seattle so we raised the sails and had a nice sail to Blake Island. We spotted a harbor seal sitting on a buoy as Greenhorn was checking in with the boss (mom).  Since we had plenty of wind, we sailed towards West Seattle dockwhere a friend on shore snapped some pictures.  A beam reach took us back across the sound to the south end of Blake Island and we lowered the sails, then motored to the north-end marina.  The docks were completely full but a couple from Olympia let us tie up to their 40 foot sailboat.  We had bbq chicken and corn for dinner and stayed up well into the evening (9pm) before going to sleep.  

Day 2:

 After breakfast, we set sails and headed for Elliot Bay on the Seattle waterfront.  skylineGreenhorn was in his usual perch out on the bowsprit like a figurehead at the  prow of a ship.  From there we  sailed most of the way back to Shilshole in light winds between 5-10 knots.  Greenhorn also performed the function of galley rat and prepared Dagwood dad1sandwiches for lunch.  Inside the locks, Greenhorn had the task of manning the bow line and was instructed by the lockmaster to loop the line around the lock cleat that was 4 feet away.  The pressure was on with hundreds of tourists watching from the viewing area above.  On his third attempt, cowboy Greenhorn successfully lassoed the cleat and got a nice applause drawbridgefrom the crowd!  Must have done his ego some good because the rest of the way he stood triumphantly on the sprit shirtless . Motored back to Lake Union going under the Ballard and Fremont drawbridges along the way.  It was dad2Greenhorns first time sailing at the age of 71 and he did great!  His entry into the logbook read "Great weather, was somewhat overwhelmed with what you need to do to catch winds and try to increase speed.  Very enjoyable weekend".  Back at the dock he didn't want to give up the helm-seat!