The Sailing Vessel Apropos

Poulsbo Trip

April 6-8, 2007

Destination: Poulsbo &Winslow

Crew: Jim, Karen, Jacintha

Day 1:

This was Jacintha's first cruising trip. She recently turned 3 months old and was so excited about the trip that she woke up at 6am raring to go, much to the dismay of Captain Daddy and Co-Captain Mommy! The weather was warm and sunny with light winds--perfect spring weather--as we motored through the canal towards the Ballard locks. Jacintha sat in the cockpit in her foam seat that kept her from toppling over, eager to show off her crewing abilities with the mainsheet in hand. When we reached the locks, she was confined down below in her car seat so we could handle the lines while the boat was lowered about 30 feet to sea level. By the time we finished in the locks, she was fast asleep.

We sailed across Puget Sound from Shilshole to Port Madison. When the wind died, we motored through Agate Pass and up into Liberty Bay. We found moorage at Poulsbo Marina and Jacintha was very upset that she was again confined to her car seat while we docked. To make up for it, we walked into town for some ice cream and shopping. After a steak BBQ dinner on the boat, Jacintha went to sleep in a makeshift bed in the v-berth--a bookshelf that was just her size.

Day 2:

Jacintha must have been excited to sail again because once again she woke up early, demanding Co-Captain Mommy get up for feeding! It was raining so we took our time and had bacon & eggs for brekky, then took a late morning stroll to the shops where Captain 'Gotta have it' bought a brass trawler oil lamp from a local chandlery and hung it above the sink in the galley. The rain stopped so we cast off for destination Winslow, motoring most of the way with Jacintha doing most of the steering. At the south end of Bainbridge Island, Captain 'this is a sailboat, not motorboat' killed the engine and put the sails up in 0-2 knots of wind. An hour later you could throw a stone further than we sailed, so with dusk approaching and no wind, we turned on the iron sail and motored the rest of the way to Winslow, where we tied up at the marina.

Day 3:

Jacintha was again the first one up in the morning, she must really be into this sailing lifestyle! While showering onboard, the shower sump stopped working so Captain 'Gotta fix it' diagnosed the problem. The culprit turned out to be a clogged in-line filter that was between the drain and pump. After fixing it, we got under way. We had a southerly breeze of 10-15 knots and our course was north, so we made great time. With the boat heeled over and the ride a bit bumpy, Jacintha and Karen spent most of the time below deck alternating between feeding and napping while Captain sailed the boat back to Shilshole and the entrance to the locks. We motored through the canal and back to Lake Union.