The Sailing Vessel Apropos

San Juan Islands Trip

August 17-26, 2007

Destination: San Juan Islands

Crew: Jim, Karen, Jacintha

Day 1: Lake Union to Edmonds Marina (14nm)

Departed Lake Union after work and motored to the locks with Doug as crew. Karen decided to drive to Edmonds with Jacintha and meet us at the marina. Everything went well getting through the locks but then the trouble began. A train was using the trestle so we had to wait outside the locks until the trestle opened up. The trestle opened just as the lock was releasing which created an outrush current. Before we could react, the current swept Apropos towards a piling, scraping the port side for about 4 feet until Captain 'Oh *$%#*' was able to motor away. The scrape broke thru the gelcoat, not a good way to begin a trip! We sailed north to Edmonds, met Karen and Jacintha, then went to Doug's house for pizza.

Day 2: Edmonds to Lopez Island (51nm)

Filled the tanks with 50 gallons of diesel before leaving Edmonds Marina. The dock attendant jc_dadput white duct tape on the hull where the damage was. This protected the gel coat and equallyjc_cockpit important hid the scrape so it wouldn't be a constant reminder for thejc_mom next 9 days. With that taken care of, we sailed north to Admiralty Inlet and across the Strait of Juan de Fuca with a good southerly wind. Jacintha did great and helped mom and dad at the helm. She also learned navigation 101 using a hand compass. We spotted whales at a distance and dolphins up close during the crossing. Pulled into Hunter Bay on Lopez Island as it was getting dark. After anchoring, we grilled salmon for dinner.

Day 3: Lopez Island to Sucia Island (27nm)

Started out sailing, then motor-sailing, then motored as the wind died down. We enjoyedjc_dad Sucia Island last year and decided to go there for 2 days. After anchoring in the bay, we relaxed in thejc_dad sun. After dinner we read books and Captain 'shouldn't have eaten that year old box of choc. covered cherries' started feeling ill. He couldn't sleep and around 3am he parted company with his dinner and chocolates. 

Day 4: Sucia Island

Woke up to a rainy morning and still feeling the effects from eating the bad cherries, so Captain stayed jc_hikekarenjacinthain bed until the rain stopped. In the afternoon the sun came out so we kayaked to shore. With Jacintha in the carrier, we hiked around the island, taking lots of breaks since one of us was still feeling a bit green. Sat on some logs at Fossil Bay and had a snack while Jacintha played with the flotsam and jetsam. Began feeling betterjc_sleep and finally got an appetite back around dinner-time. Another storm rolled in around bed-time. Jacintha sleeps in the aft berth on the starboard side. We place a thick piece of plexiglass at the head of her bunk so she can't roll out. This also works well to keep her in place when we are busy docking or anchoring. She woke up screaming at 1am but calmed down and went back to sleep after a change and feeding. 

Day 5: Sucia Island to Jones Island (20nm)

We woke up to rain and fog. It was relaxing sleeping in with the sound of the rainship hitting the teak decks. jonesBy the time we finished breakfast, the rain had stopped so we up-anchored and motored out of the bay. Saw this huge yawl as well as some dolphins on the way to Jones Island. The sun finally broke out after we anchored, so we kayaked to shore and hiked the island loop. Jacintha seemed to enjoy the nature which is quite a contrast from the usual city environment. Ate lamb chops and corn for dinner and watched a movie with popcorn after Jacintha went to sleep.

Day 6: Jones Island to San Juan Island (22nm)

We decided to sail around Stewart Island instead of going directly to Roche Harbor. Near the Turn Pointroche lighthouse on the north end of Stewart, we spotted a pod of Orcas jc_bathmoving up Haro Strait toward us. We turned off the motor and drifted and they went right by us. One of them surfaced about 25 feet from the boat, went under, and came up on the other side. They are wonderful to see up close. We motored in to Roche Harbor, dropped the crab trap in the bay, and moored so we could charge up the house batteries. We're learning to manage the batteries better while at anchor, but after 4 days it was good to get a full charge. We headed straight for the outdoor cafe and had our favorite french dip and bloody mary. In the evening Captain 'spit shine' cleaned the decks, polished the brass, and filled the water tanks. Jacintha had a bath in the galley sink.

Day 7: San Juan Island to Stewart Island (14nm)

Today we were joined by Anna Marie, a friend from Seattle, for some sailing, kayaking, and jc_cockpithiking. The wind picked up so we had a nice sail before going to Stewart Island, where we dropped anchor in Reid Harbor. Jacintha is just starting to crepe but not yet craw, so she can be placed on the cockpit cushions without much trouble. We relaxed during the afternoon, had spaghetti and meatballs with a bottle of syrah for dinner, then played "pass the pigs"--a fun game Anna Marie gave us.

Day 8: Stewart Island to San Juan Island (6nm)

Since there were 3 adults and a baby, we made 2 trips in the kayak to get everyone to jcmomdadshore. Last year we kayakswinghiked to the schoolhouse and this year we decided to go further to thejc_dad lighthouse located on the northwest corner of theturnpoint island. We stopped at along the way at a tree swing. As we neared Turn Point lighthouse, the views out into Haro Strait were spectacular. The hike was 4 miles one way so we brought snacks and lunch. Along the way there is an old graveyard and an airstrip field, as well as the schoolhouse that's no longer being used due to the declining number of children living on the island. We returned to the boat and motored the short distance back to Roche Harbor to drop off Anna Marie. Dropped anchor in the harbor and got the steaks out to cook on the grill. Captain 'clumsy' dropped one in the water as he was flipping it onto the grill, which is mounted on the cockpit stanchion rail. To make up for it, he caught 2 crabs that evening. 

Day 9jc_mom: San Juan Island to Port Ludlow (66nm)

With a long sail ahead of us, we got an early start leaving Roche jc_dadHarbor. There was a strong southerly wind with choppy seas in Haro Strait and Karen stayed below deck with Jacintha. When we reached the Strait of Juan de Fuca (sometimes known as Wanna Puka), there was a westerly wind and opposing tide, making for rough seas with whitecaps. Karen was trying to rest in the vberth and got very seasick since the bow was pounding up and down the waves. After about 2 hours of this, the seas calmed and we had a spinnakerpleasant spinnaker sail to Admiralty Inlet and most of the way to Port Ludlow. We took turns taking naps with Jacintha along the way. The winds began to calm as the sun was setting on the horizon. We anchored out in Port Ludlow and boiled the crabs caught the previous day.


Day 10: Port Ludlow to Lake Union (28nm)

Up-anchored and left Port Ludlow in the morning. Motor-sailed most of the way to Shilshole, went through the Ballard locks, under 2 drawbridges, and arrived at our Lake Union moorage at 4pm.


Trip Statistics
Ports visited 7
Nautical miles 248
Engine hours 47
Diapers changed >50